Direct Private Capital

Commercial Real Estate Lending 

Since 1979


Who We Are


1st COMMERCIAL and its private investors are a direct portfolio lender founded by a family of experienced real estate investors in 1979. 

1st COMMERCIAL is focused on equity-based, non-consumer lending secured only by first Trust Deeds and Notes on California Real Estate. 

What Makes Us Different


We are unique in that we do not fractionalize or pool the loans that we fund, just one investor for each loan. We aren’t burdened with the complex compliance layers necessary with the other methods. This structure isn’t as profitable for us as the other ways of stacking capital but you will certainly appreciate our speed and pricing. We can usually deliver a quote within one day and close in as little as five days.

Rely on Expertise


It is not legal in California to lend without a license.

Trust deed investors are generally passive investors and retired, if they sat at a desk all day underwriting, documenting and closing loans they would no longer be retired.

Real Estate Licensees

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